Sunday, 19 February 2017

Dublin land

Another great weekend in Dublin.  I had nothing on - i.e. no college class, no assignments due, no exam study to be done - so I took advantage of it and did a bit of everything: I chilled out and relaxed, I pottered around town on my own, and I caught up with some friends (old and new). 
AND I went to see La La Land  - yes AGAIN!
If you remember my blog post from a couple of weeks ago I saw it and loved it.  And since then I've been saying to Enid that I wanted to see it again. We met early on Sunday morning - and went for a starbucks and a chat.  We then cycled across town to Cineworld on Parnell Street.  And there we watched THE most wonderful film in then world again.  I honestly cannot recommend this film enough. I smiled throughout the whole film.  SPOILER (Kind of!):  I smiled even through the poignant bits. I'm still smiling now thinking of it.
I've been listening to the soundtrack on Spotify all evening.  Next on my list is to get the soundtrack on vinyl! And next on my to do list after that is, that if it wins best Oscar, I am going to go see it again,  Hey even if it doesn't actually win I may go see it again anyway.  Life is not a rehearsal...something that makes you smile so much, sure why wouldn't you watch it again.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Pigsy Art - Christmas decoration

A couple of days ago I came home to find a little parcel in my post.  I wasn't expecting anything so I was pretty excited to find out what it was - there really is nothing like getting a parcel is there?!
When I opened it I found a beautiful Christmas ornament and a letter signed by Pigsy.
I follow Pigsy on twitter and had shared a competition which of course I instantly forgot about once I had done so :-)
This is a very cool Christmas decoration - of a (Pigsy) stylised angel.  I think it's too cool to just use at Christmas and I have it hanging in my window where I like the juxtaposition of its street art look and feel, versus the grandeur of the Irish Government Buildings.

Pigsy is the alter ego of my brother in law, and award winning architect Ciaran McCoy.  I just adore his work and I've been threatening to buy a painting of his for a while now.  I know I will at some point but for the moment I guess this little piece will have to do me. 
Check out Ciaran's website here for more examples of his work.  And also you should check out his twitter as he runs competitions from time to time so you might be lucky enough to get your hands on a piece like me too!



Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sunday brunch

It's been a fun weekend - after college on Saturday I met up that evening with some friends for our Book Club night.  "Book Club" - which also could be called Wine Club!
Then on Sunday Enid, Alice and I met up for an impromptu brunch - arranged late on Saturday.  Alice has recently moved house and lives much nearer to Enid and I now so she cycled in to my place.
We have spoke about how in November when we are in Key West we will drink breakfast cocktails every day so I figured we'd have a practice run today.

I made espresso martini's which Enid and Alice found a little too kicky (a little too much vodka?) so to counter this I added a little Baileys which made them more smooth and creamy.
We then went to our usual brunch spot of the M&S restaurant on Grafton Street.  The food is just ok there, but it works for us for sitting and chatting for a few hours - particularly if we get one of the nice booths.

I had the smoked salmon bagel which was nice.  Afterwards I had a craving for something sweet so I got this Red Velvet cupcake which looks divine doesn't it.  I should have read the description of it properly.  It was filled with raspberry jam (bleugh) which I do not like.  And the cream cheese topping was very bitter. So it was not for me!  I'll know better in future.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dress shopping

Both Enid and I bought dresses over the weekend.  Both nice in different ways I think.
I bought this in "& Other Stories".
I had been looking at it before Christmas - the 1960's style is always a favourite of mine.  And so when I saw it reduced at 55% off I had to have it!

Enid bought this beauty (modelled by moi!) in The Kilkenny Shop.  It is for a city wedding she has coming up in May and she was delighted to find it now and be sorted. She just needs a nice pair of nude shoes to finish it off rather than the black I'm wearing in this photo. 
That is apparently me finished shopping for a while.  According to my wardrobe co0ordinator (mam) I have enough evening wear dresses. The only dresses I am to buy to now are work dresses she says.

Time out in La La Land

This morning I spent two magical hours in the cinema watching the beauty that is "La La Land"
It was amazing.  Completely and utterly exquisite.  Beautifully done with every last detail spot on.  Perfectly directed, perfectly shot, perfectly choreographed,  perfectly acted, sang and danced by the two perfect leads.  I think you are getting the picture here!
It has a wonderfully old fashioned feel to it, yet it is slick and modern at the same time.
I cannot recommend this film enough, 
Go and see it on the big screen where it deserves to be seen, and then buy it on DVD and watch it over and over again (as I intend to).  I intend buying the soundtrack on vinyl too.
I hope it sweeps the Oscars!

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Why I march

Yesterday I was part of a 5000 strong crowd in Dublin rallying in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington.

I march because of all who have fought in the past for women's rights.  I march for the present for all who are targeted by hate, racisim, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, misogyny....  I march for the future, for a world where someone like Donald Trump has become the President of one of the most powerful nations in the world.  Where a man whose actions in business demonstrate him to be a liar, and a cheating dishonest person.  Where a man whose actions to, and words about women, demonstrate him to be a sexist misogynist man with no respect for women...and it makes me fearful for women's rights in the future.  Where a man who is filled with such hate for his humankind that he talks about building walls to keep people out and targeting individual groups of people because of actions of a few. 

As Martin Luther King said "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." ...and that is why I will continue to march and will continue to stand up and say No.

What will you do?

For more inspirational quotes from MLK I urge you to read here:

*Photo copyright Tara Rose facebook

Blonde on brown

This has to be one of my favourite photos of Enid and I ever.  You know that phrase "I remember it like it was yesterday", well about this pic, it's true. 
We are sitting at the bar of Caroline's on Duval Street in Key West - it was coming close to the end of our holiday and we had gone to the bar specifically for a drink to meet with our friend who worked there on the bar, he has (young) twin daughters so twins was always a topic of conversation when we chatted.  It was cool and relaxed and we were both happy, and this photo captures that.
Anyway the reason I am posting it is my hair colour.  For a while now I've felt my hair is a little flat and colourless.  And while the photo above IS from maybe 10 years ago (eek!) and we are tanned from the Key West sun when I look at it it always make me think of going back to some blonde.

So on Friday I took that plunge!

My hair stylist Lau seemed happy with the colour as he took about a million photos of it!

I am pretty happy with it too.
It looks a bit lighter here.  To be honest it is probably even lighter in real life...  And probably lighter than I intended.  But you know my hair, it grows crazy fast.  I never panic about a hair cut or colour I don't like.