Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The week in pictures...

Since I got back from holidays about a week ago I've been terribly lazy about blogging. That's going to change!  I promise.  But to ease my way back in I am going to do one of my little "cheat" posts showing what I've been up to

On Saturday I dropped into my brother in law's art exhibition at the Kemp Gallery where Ciaran was doing some live painting.
I Find You Fascinating is Ciaran's (aka Pigsy) first solo exhibition and I was really impressed with it.
Look at the colours on the pic he's working on!

I browsed my favourite little antiques dealership which is down a lane at the side of The Abbey Theatre (doesn't sound dodgy at all does it!),  I really like this little kitchen table and chairs set...

I adore this unit!!!  And at only €45 it's a nice price but unfortunately I have nowhere for it.

After the heat of the Middle Eastern desert my hair was pretty dry at the ends, so I went to the hairdresser and got about 4/5 inches chopped off.  It feels a lot shorter :-( but my hair grows pretty fast, it'll be back nice and long before I know it!

Drinking espresso and getting a new name bestowed on me by my local Starbucks staff.  Lol

My home bar is now complete with the addition of a wine rack up the top (from Ikea) which I spray painted white to match the shelving.

With the Dail back in session there is something going on outside my apartment at Government Buildings every day.  This was today on my way to work.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

New vinyl!

I treated myself to two new records today!
First up! Reservoir Dogs - the soundtrack of my late teens/early twenties.  Ah Good Times!
And then, the soundtrack to the movie Guardians of the Galaxy - which caught my eye because of all the great songs on it.

Hooked on a Feeling is one of my all time great singles.  This album brings me back to Friday night in the mid 90's, in my best friend's bedroom, having a few drinks while getting ready to go out to the local nightclub.

This photo is not great.  You can read the full listing of songs here. 
I've been listening to it all evening.  It's a great album.

And in other news!
I'm going on holidays!!! 
Packing is done.  I must go now and purchase some travel insurance. 
Other than that I am all set - aside from a very busy day in work tomorrow, and college tomorrow night, before airport Thursday morning!

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Pigsy at the Kemp Gallery "I find you Fascinating"

My brother in law is currently in final preparation mode for his first ever solo exhibition of his wonderfully chaotic artworks.  This evening he was in the gallery working on his last piece for the show and Enid and I called to see if we could help out - not with the painting obviously!!!!
Artist at work!
Enid and Ciaran with the piece he was working on tonight in the background.
He uses a combination of mediums including spray paint and oil paint on stretched canvas.

This is the exhibition space.  It has been freshly painted white to show off the paintings.  This evening the floor was also being painted a dark grey (colour chosen by Ciaran who is an architect by day).

Enid and I got stuck into some work, cleaning and polishing.

Afterwards the artist, the painting team and the team of cleaners (Enid and I!) enjoyed some pizza and sodas which Ciaran had ordered in for us.

At the moment this is the only photo of his work that I have.  I guess you will just have to call into the gallery yourself to see the full collection!
His exhibition opens on the 6th of October and is on display for 6 weeks in the KEMP Gallery on South Frederick Street.  If you do go I'd encourage you to talk with the gallery proprietor who can talk you through Ciaran's inspiration for each painting - I love Ciaran's work from a visual perspective but when I learn more about what is behind each one's creation I will say I find it incredibly moving and emotionally affecting!   


Saturday, 24 September 2016

A flyby of the last fortnight

It's about 2 weeks since I last blogged (shame!) so in order to catch you up on what I've been doing I will post a short summary of a few items below
What I've been watching:
I love this Netflix series, it's atmospheric and compelling. 
And the scenery reminds me of Key West!
Laughing at...
I went to see Bridget Jones's Baby with Katie in Galway last week.  I thought it was one of the funniest films I've seen in a long long time.  It felt good to let loose and laugh out loud  uncontrollably.
I've been reading:
#Love by Trish Murphy

I attended the launch of the book #Love with my mam.  The author (Trish Murphy) is a friend of mam's and it's her second book.  I enjoyed it - she's very astute about relationships.
Drinking adult beverages....
Cat's Meow and an Escobar from Sophie's on Harcourt Street
...Tara's birthday with Jackie, Gillian, Tara & Kamilla
There was an incredible turnout at the March for Choice today in Dublin. 
My favourite chant was "Enda, Enda, when's the referenda" :-)



Sunday, 11 September 2016

Hell and Back 2016

Every year the staff of the company I work for choose two charities that we raise money for throughout the year.  We run various events like raffles and quizzes, and we also run one BIG event/fundraiser every year.  Last year for example we had 120 staff members abseiling off our building - we like to put a personal challenge in there!
This year was our biggest staff charity event ever.  We persuaded 300 members of staff to sign up to complete the Hell and Back challenge, all in the name of Irish Life Staff Charities.
The committee arrived at the event nice and early and got stuck into the work.  Myself, Greg and Cormac had the fun job of greeting our heroes as they arrived and directing them to our own special area for check in and registration.
All those purple shirts looked pretty cool I thought!
It's hard to describe how it feels doing Hell and Back.  It's a 7km course - a lot of it is uphill, a lot of it through swamp and a lot of it through man-made obstacles like tyre climbs, rope ladders, and crawling passages.  So obviously (not being majorly outdoorsy, or majorly fit) I found it extremely physically challenging.  But what I enjoyed was the camaraderie of it all - random people helping each over the obstacles or warning people about what was up ahead "be careful - there's a massive dip as soon as you get in here" - words you always want to hear when facing getting from one side of a swamp to the other eh!
For a look at all the obstacles check out this video here:

And I did it! And here is the photo to prove it
Another after-pic with some ladies I used to work with in a previous team.
Today I feel proud, with a real sense of achievement.  But my God I am in pain all over my body and  covered in bruises, and also covered in welts from being hit with bb's in the awful sniper alley.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

It's good to catch up

On Friday night I went out with some of my gal pals who I used to work with.  It was way way overdue and we all had lots of news to catch up with.  It wasn't too late of a night which we all laughed about the next day - very different when we all worked together and every Friday night we headed out and really let our hair down. 

Saturday morning I woke up to miserable wet and dreary weather.
I went out for a cycle down to the swimming pool...which I found out only opens at 2pm!  So no swim for me, but I got wet in the rain anyway!
Later that afternoon/evening Katie called to me and we had some nibbles, drinks and a good catch up too.

I set up the bar in the window sill.

Bar with a view

I love this - my vintage Carling Black Label glasses on fun vintagey cocktail napkins.  The caption is "I truly amaze myself,,,,this after five martinis!"

This pic makes me feel like a modern day version of the cocktail napkin :-)
*Note the vintage pineapple ice cube holder!

Ceili Dancing

When Enid and I were in our teens, every Summer we attended Irish summer college in Balbriggan.  Primarily of course were the Irish classes every morning but also included in the course was music, singing, sport, going to the beach, and Ceili dancing every evening.  Now Enid and I were, and still are the worst dancers ever!  But ceili (set) dancing is one type of dancing we can actually do.
So when I saw an ad for Ceili dancing in The Grand Social I said to Enid we should go. 
On our way there we saw this crazy little travel agent shop in Abbey Street.

How crazy is this old signage??  I was going to say they really need to do some new branding but I think it is actually so old (and retro) at this point it may have actually come full circle and is actually kind of cool.

We had such an evening at the Ceili.  Some of the steps came back to us immediately, and some didn't.  We laughed and smiled  as we skipped and tripped through the Walls of Limerick (Ballai na Luimni) and Siege of Ennis. 
I cannot recommend the whole night enough.  It is on again in a month and Enid and I will definitely be back!